LADY AT THE BAT: Now In Previews: Bronx Bombers, A Play About The New York Yankees

Monday, January 13, 2014

Now In Previews: Bronx Bombers, A Play About The New York Yankees

Bronx Bombers, a new play about the Yankees, is scheduled to open on Broadway next month.  It is now in previews at the Circle In The Square Theatre and, on Saturday evening, blog contributor Christina and I attended a performance.

The play presents an overview of the history of the Yankees, from the Babe Ruth past to the Derek Jeter present.  It centers around the experiences (both real and imagined) of Yankee icon Yogi Berra and his wife Carmen.

While some of the experiences are a bit over-the-top, they are still fun to watch, including a dinner party attended by Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Howard, and Jeter, hosted by Yogi and Carmen. Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin appear at the play's opening, in a scene that takes place the day after that infamous game at Fenway in which Martin removed Jackson in the middle of an inning. Thurman Munson also appears in this scene, and is remembered throughout the play as the beloved player and teammate that he was.

The actors who portray these players do an excellent job, including Bill Dawes as Mickey Mantle and Christopher Jackson as Derek Jeter. I love the fact that it takes place at the Circle In The Square, a circular theatre that resembles a sports arena, especially with the Stadium frieze (usually called the facade) around the top of the house.

The show will be in previews for the rest of the month. It opens on February 6th. If you want to get tickets, click here.

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