LADY AT THE BAT: The Yankees Farm System: We're Going To Be Here For A While

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Yankees Farm System: We're Going To Be Here For A While

By now you've heard that ESPN's Keith Law ranked the farm system of the New York Yankees 20th out of all 30 teams in Major League Baseball.

Were you as surprised as I was by this ranking?

It's not that I expected the Yankees to be in the top 10.  I am well aware of the weaknesses of their farm system.  However, based on all the harsh criticism over the past year or two, I truly expected the Yankees to come in at number 30.  Really, you would think that they had the worst farm system in baseball history and that there was no hope of ever improving it.

Perhaps the Yankees are at number 30 on other people's lists but, Keith Law, whom I believe is well-respected when it comes to these things, pegged them at 20. (Rumor has it that he put the Tampa Bay Rays even lower on the list. The Tampa Bay Rays??????)

So, has all the harsh criticism been unfounded? Maybe. It will definitely be a while before the Yankees will have more than a few players from their system who are Major League ready.  For that reason they will need to continue shopping in the free agent market, a market that continues to thin out as teams continue to lock up their young players before free agency arrives.

This is bad news. Why? Because it means that, until there is a viable farm system, the Yankees, (though they will field competitive teams) won't be good enough to win the World Series.

Get used to it, Yankees Universe.  We're going to be here for a while.

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