LADY AT THE BAT: Alex Rodriguez: It's Too Late For Him To Repair His Legacy

Monday, February 10, 2014

Alex Rodriguez: It's Too Late For Him To Repair His Legacy

Were you as surprised as I was at last week's turn of events concerning Alex Rodriguez?

I never thought he would throw in the towel like that. I fully expected him to pull a Roger Clemens, never, ever admitting that he is guilty.

Perhaps we should have seen this coming. After all, A-Rod seemed to hint at it when he made those comments in Mexico a short while ago, where he referred to the suspension as a chance to rest and recharge. His lawyers' subsequent statements reaffirming his continuing fight against the ban now seem like a futile attempt to hold on to a customer who is no longer interested in buying.

Why was he no longer interested in buying? Probably because he saw his legacy, or, what was left of it, going down the drain.

I think it's too late. That legacy is already sitting on a landfill somewhere. It arrived there shortly after he embarked on his scorched earth policy, suing everybody in sight. It's like toothpaste that has been pushed out of the tube. You can't put it back in again.

Once the 2014 season ends, the Yankees are going to do everything in their power to keep him off the team.  If they succeed (They probably won't.) he will be a man without a country, so to speak.  No team will want him after what he has done.  If a team, itself, doesn't decide on its own not to sign him, they will change their mind once they hear from players already on the team. And, believe me, they will hear from them.

Alex Rodriguez will not hear from them. Rodriguez, for the most part, hasn't got a friend left in MLB.  Because of that, he should just take his money and ride off into the sunset.

Goodbye, A-Rod, and good riddance.

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Uncle Mike said...

It reminds me of what Leo said about going to rehab on "The West Wing": The first time you come out, they're all supportive of you. The second time, they're aware that there could be a third time, and they're all, "Get away from me!"

Pete Rose has always said, "Just give me a second chance. I won't need a third." We won't know if that's true of Pete. But Alex blew his second chance.