LADY AT THE BAT: Jeter, Teixeira & Other Friday Spring Training Notes

Friday, March 7, 2014

Jeter, Teixeira & Other Friday Spring Training Notes

Did anyone really think that Derek Jeter was going to go 0 for spring training?

As everyone knows, the Captain got his first two hits of the spring yesterday in the Yankees win over the Phillies.  I'm glad, mostly because the dialogue can stop now. We can all move on to other things, like Mark Teixeira.

Though Tex went 0-3 yesterday, the biggest news of the day was the fact that he felt fine at the end of the game.  Even bigger news would be if he still felt fine the morning after.

This morning aside, tonight is Michael Pineda's debut.  The fifth starter's job seems to be his to lose.  If he doesn't lose it, even if he becomes just an average fifth starter, the Yankees will have gotten the better end of the trade for him. They can thank the Mariners' Jesus Montero and his extra 40 pounds for that.

Speaking of the Mariners, does Robinson Cano think playing in the Great Northwest means he's hidden away from the media?  Sure, he is telling truth when he says Seattle needs another bat or two but, come on, Robbie, Cano, don'tcha know?

Apparently not.  In any case,  the Mariners look lacking while the Yankees look solid.

Enjoy it, Yankees Universe.

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