LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice 2014: The AL East, Part 1

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lady's Choice 2014: The AL East, Part 1

Continuing with our predictions for the 2014 season, here they are for the American League East:

1. Rays
2. Red Sox
3. Yankees
4. Blue Jays
5. Orioles

Though I'm not totally convinced about Tampa Bay's offense, they do have the division's best team overall.  The Red Sox/Yankees rivalry will be really strong this year, thanks to the improvements the Yankees made in the off-season.  Toronto should be more competitive this year if they pitch better. As for the Orioles, their pitching will be what dooms them.

So, just how far will the Yankees go this year?  Well, the American League will be extremely competitive.  At least half a dozen teams have a chance to make the playoffs.  It will be difficult, but the Yankees should grab one of the Wild Cards. (The Red Sox will earn the other.) I see them making it to the ALCS, but that's where their season will end.

Up next: Blog contributor Christina Brown's picks.

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