LADY AT THE BAT: Lady's Choice 2014: The AL West

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lady's Choice 2014: The AL West

Continuing with our predictions for the 2014 season, here they are for the American League West:

1. Athletics
2. Rangers
3. Angels
4. Mariners
5. Astros

This is one of the easiest divisions to predict. Nothing from 2013 will change.  Oakland will take the division once again. The question is whether they can finally get over the first round hump in the postseason.  The Rangers will give them more of a run this year but they will still come up short.  The Angels might turn out to be the dark horse in the division but I'll play it safe and pick them third. As Robbie Cano complained, the Mariners don't have enough, and the Astros just don't have, period.

Tomorrow: The AL Central

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