LADY AT THE BAT: The 2014 Yankees Rotation: The "Five A's" Look Ready To Go

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The 2014 Yankees Rotation: The "Five A's" Look Ready To Go

The "Five A's."  I'll have to come up with a better name eventually but, right now that's the best I can do.  It's certainly better than the "Quintuple As," which is what I came up with first, and then realized it probably reminds everyone of quadruple A players.

In case you're wondering what I'm referring to (but, I'm sure you're not because everyone has to know this by now), it's the fact that the last name of every pitcher in the Yankees starting rotation ends with the letter "a:"


Yes, I'm aware that they will not pitch in that order during the first two series. Separating Kuroda and Tanaka is a great idea, not only because they are similar pitchers, but because it gives Tanaka an extra day as he adjusts to pitching every five days. The Yankees seemed to be doing a very good job helping Tanaka adjust. I think he will be just fine.

Pineda making the rotation is the icing on the cake, a cake that has been waiting to be frosted for two years now. The trade for him looks really good now. I'm looking forward to his first start against his old team.  Also, though there is no connection between the two, I'm really looking forward to a matchup between him and Robinson Cano.

So, who are the backups?  David Phelps should end up in the same swing role he had last year.  Though Vidal Nuno has had a good spring overall, he might have hurt his cause last night when he gave up two Phillies home runs.  Adam Warren, in my opinion, should be sent to triple A where he can start, and be stretched out in case--God forbid--one of the Five A's gets injured.

We should know where everyone will end up very soon. The answers to the questions, "Who made the team?" and "Who didn't?" will be known.  Though the players involved are on pins and needles, I love this time of year. It's almost like the days leading up to Christmas.

I can't wait for Opening Day so that I an open my "presents."


SonoraDick said...

I'm confused how Tanaka gets "an extra day" because he doesn't follow Kiroda. Seems to me that would mean he's also pitching one day later

Bernadette Pasley said...

"An extra day," "one day later." Sounds like the same thing to me. :)