LADY AT THE BAT: While Boos Rain Down On Cano, Yankees Lose Series Opener To Mariners

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

While Boos Rain Down On Cano, Yankees Lose Series Opener To Mariners

Well, that’s out of the way.

Robinson Cano returned, and the fans at Yankee Stadium had their say when they heartily booed him every chance they could, taking breaks only to cheer his 2 strike outs.

Wherever you fell on the “Should fans boo Robinson Cano in his return” spectrum, there’s now one thing on which all fans should agree. It’s over and done with. Everyone can move on. Robinson Cano is no longer a New York Yankee. 

Of course, the Yankees will play five more games against the Mariners this season, including two home games. Places like the New York Yankees Ticket Exchange may be flooded by fans who can't move on and want another chance to boo Cano. But they need to stop booing now and put the focus back on their own team, because Robinson Cano has absolutely nothing to do with what the Yankees are trying to accomplish this season.

Though the Yankees have played well so far through the first month of the season, there are concerns and they all seemed to show up last night.

CC Sabathia only went 5.0 IPs, giving up 4 ERs and left a mess on the bases that Dellin Betances was able to clean up but the damage was done. In a week when Ivan Nova had Tommy John surgery and Michael Pineda had to cut a sim game short due to muscle pain, CC’s poor performance was a bitter topping to a stale dessert.

Championships are won on pitching and right now the Yankees rotation is comprised of the inconsistent Sabathia, the shaky Hiroki Kuroda, lone bright spot Masahiro Tanaka and rotation fillers Vidal Nuno and David Phelps. That’s a hard rotation with which to win. The Yankees needed Sabathia to step up and he didn’t.

The offense wasn't able to provide much help either. Similar to Sunday night’s game against the Angels, the bulk of the Yankees offense consisted of a Mark Teixiera home run and a run scored on poor defensive play by their opponent. That allowed them to score two runs but that, and a run in the ninth inning, was all they could muster against the now 11-14 Mariners.

Robinson Cano said before the game that he didn’t want to talk about the past. Yankee fans shouldn’t either. It’s done and now it’s time to look forward.  From both sides of the ball, the Yankees have enough going on to keep them plenty busy with that view.

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