LADY AT THE BAT: Why David Robertson's Injury Won't Lead To An All-Out Disaster For Yankees

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why David Robertson's Injury Won't Lead To An All-Out Disaster For Yankees

With David Robertson landing on the disabled list yesterday, it was very tempting to go into panic mode, especially with last year's injury-plagued season, and with Mariano Rivera's first year of retirement underway.

It was only natural to ask questions such as these:  Will players drop like flies as they did in 2013? Will the Yankees lead the league in blown saves? Will the whole thing be an all-out disaster?

Never fear, Yankees Universe.  While there is no assurance that players will not drop like flies, there are several reasons why things won't be an utter disaster:

1. Robertson's injury came early enough so that it is not a huge loss.  It wasn't like it was June or July and he already had 20 saves. It's so early in the season that relievers haven't gotten used to specific roles yet. Someone can, and will, step into the closer role.

2. The Yankees have a strong bullpen with reinforcements at the ready. Everyone in that 'pen right now had a great spring, plus there are several young arms down in triple A who can slot right in, including Cesar Cabral and Shane Greene.

3.  The person who manages the bullpen knows what he's doing.  That person, of course, is Joe Girardi.  Though he tends to over-manage at times, nursing the bullpen staff is probably Girardi's biggest strength.

So, even though it's very frustrating, the Yankees will survive this, any maybe even thrive.

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