LADY AT THE BAT: Yes, The Cubs, But Still, A Great Day For The Yankees

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yes, The Cubs, But Still, A Great Day For The Yankees

They swept the doubleheader. It was a double shut-out. Masahiro Tanaka looked the way he did last year in Japan.  Michael Pineda looked almost the way he did a few years ago in Seattle.  All around, it was a great day for the New York Yankees.


They did all of this against the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs might be the worst team in Major League Baseball.

Because of that should we toss out everything the Yankees did yesterday with this morning's bath water?

Of course not.

If you believe what the Yankees did was equivalent to used bath water, then why don't the Cubs get shut out everyday?  Unless they never ever cross the plate, there is no reason to minimize what the Yankees did.  Also, if they were this bad everyday, any pitcher would be able to do what Tanaka and Pineda did.  Now, be honest. Can you really picture CC Sabathia dominating the Chicago Cubs at this point in his career?

So, stop the hating, haters.  Though it would have meant more if they'd done it against a better team, they still did it, and it still has meaning.

Congratulations to the New York Yankees.

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