LADY AT THE BAT: Combination Of Factors Contribute To Tanaka's First Loss Of The Year

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Combination Of Factors Contribute To Tanaka's First Loss Of The Year

The fans desperately sought cover and the Chicago Cubs slipped and slid their way around the bases in the bottom of the third inning as the sky opened up and drenched Wrigley Field. It was the start of a messy evening of baseball, a messy outing for Masahiro Tanaka and his first loss since August 19, 2012.

The right hander appeared uncomfortable on the mound once the rain started. So much so that it prompted pitching coach Larry Rothschild to make a visit to the mound bringing Shingo Horie, Tanaka’s interpreter, out with him. The grounds crew tended to the mound, Tanaka took some practice throws and the inning resumed.

But it didn't matter. Tanaka went on to have the shortest outing of his MLB career.

Meanwhile the Yankees offense, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Rafael Soriano in particular, looked absolutely flummoxed by Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel through 5.2 IP, as he gave up only 1 ER, and could not get much going against the Cubs bullpen.

Tanaka’s relatively rough outing could be tied to any number of things. The Cubs were the first team to see him twice and were determined to avoid seeing his devastating splitter, the weather sidetracked him or he was, quite simply, due for a bumpy outing.

More likely it was a combination of all three. Tanaka’s streak had to end at some point. That it happened against the 16-27 Cubs was unfortunate but, until he faces another team for the second time and repeats his struggles, there’s no reason to think this is anything other than a blip in a thus far solid season.


Unknown said...

I think the bigger conversation is how that pitcher and the bullpen shut down the Yankee lineup

Unknown said...

Given the weather, Tanaka, though not what we're used to , kept the team in the game. Cubs lose a lot but they have a couple good pitchers, and well Yanks suck against good pitching LOL