LADY AT THE BAT: The Yankees Rotation: Once A Strength, Now A Big Problem

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Yankees Rotation: Once A Strength, Now A Big Problem

It didn't even last a month.

When the season began, most people agreed that starting pitching was a strength for the New York Yankees. Some thought it was the strength.  I, myself, raved about the Five As on this very blog. 

Now, of course, one A (Ivan Nova) is done for the season. Another (Michael Pineda) is in the middle of a suspension/DL stint. That leaves the three remaining As: Sabathia has been inconsistent, Kuroda has looked old and Tanaka has been great.

One reliable starter. Needless to say, that does not lead to Serious October Baseball.

What does?

What do the Yankees need to do to fix this big problem? It's very easy to say "go out and make a deal."  But where are the deals? Who's out there? There are reports circulating that the Yankees attended reliever Joel Hanrahan's pitching showcase and are prepared to make him an offer.  If true, it sounds like he would fill the bullpen spot vacated by David Phelps or Vidal Nuno.

Also, don't forget that the Yankees signed Alfredo Aceves to a minor league deal at the end of spring training. Yes, I know: Eh. But, Eh has some success pitching in the American League East.  I would be surprised if Aceves didn't get a call-up at some point this season.

Any other deal would be very hard to make in this day and age of second-wild-card-everybody's-in-it baseball.  The Yankees would have to give up a lot. Which they don't have.

So, Phelps, Nuno and Aceves: Show us your stuff, guys.

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nicknowsky said...

No Aceves he isn't coming up anytime soon. My source says they are planning on bringing up another young arm if need be