LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Pitching Woes: Stand Pat or Make A Deal?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Yankees Pitching Woes: Stand Pat or Make A Deal?

With the Yankees being shut down by some good pitching this week, and with most of their own good pitching on the shelf right now, it's hard not to think about what they should do to turn things around.

As I see it there are two alternatives- 1) Stand pat and let the likes of David Phelps, Vidal Nuno and Chase Whitley continue their efforts to pick up the slack, or, 2) Go out and make a deal or two. Let's look at each of these more closely:

Standing pat means accepting inconsistency. Although Phelps has improved lately, no one believes he will wake up one day and pitch the way CC Sabathia did in his prime. Vidal Nuno can, at times, be as good as Ivan Nova, but isn't Nova's inconsistency more desirable than Nuno's?  As for Whitley, he's a rookie, which is all that needs to be said about him. However, sticking with these guys assures everyone that the Yankees' weak farm system will get no weaker from any trades made.

Trades, of course, are the other alternative. Who's out there? Cliff Lee was recently put on the DL with an elbow injury.  As far as I'm concerned, he is no longer an option, even if the elbow turns out to be a minor setback.  Wandy Rodriguez, who was released by the Pirates yesterday, is past his prime, but he might be a better option than Whitley. (He also might not cost anything if the Pirates are unable to deal him in the next couple of days.)  The Cubs duo of Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija are likely to become available in the next six weeks, but the Cubs' asking price will be extremely high for them, especially for Samardzija.

With Michael Pineda set to face live batters shortly and CC Sabathia (hopefully) expected back in July, here's what the Yankees should do: Continue to let Phelps, Nuno and Whitley fight it out while giving Wandy a chance as well.

If someone else lands on the trade market, this will need rethinking, but right now, that is the best solution.


Kate said...

I do not think the pitching has been the Yankees is the offense.

The pitching has keep them in games, but they cannot hit worth a nickel.

Yes, the Yankees have faced some darn good pitching, but this is an All-Star line-up we are talking about.

And guys like Ellsbury, McCann, Tex etc are paid a lot of nickels because they hit the best pitching.

This is an offensive issue, as the pitching has actually impressed me.

Bernadette P said...

I doubt it will continue to impress you. The inconsistency of these guys is hard to ignore.

The hitting will come around. The track records of Ellsbury, etc. are too good for it not to.