LADY AT THE BAT: Driven To Distraction: Yankees vs. RedSox On Twitter

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Driven To Distraction: Yankees vs. RedSox On Twitter

When your team isn't going well you look for distractions when they're playing. That's what I was doing last night when I watched an interesting debate take place on Twitter.

Red Sox blogger and two-time podcast guest Paul Sullivan (@sullybaseball) got the ball rolling when he tweeted that the Yankees are an "ill-constructed team," and that GM Brian Cashman is a complete failure. Christina Brown (@CADBII), a contributor here at Lady At The Bat, took issue with those comments and defended--quite well, I might add--the 2014 Yankees roster, pointing out that first base is the only part of the team that is ill-constructed.

After a few others chimed in in defense of Christina, the debate eventually segued into the Yankees' farm system, with Sully correctly pointing out that, though the Yankees and Cardinals both have low draft picks, the Cardinals' system is much better. Christina then explained how difficult things have been for the Yankees draft-wise the last few years. The last word went to @subwaysquawkers, who has a history of trashing Cashman: "[Y]et the red sox and cardinals, to name two good teams, still draft better than the yanks." View the entire conversation here.

So the hot button here is the farm system. But what is the real issue? Is it really that the Yankees don't draft well? I recall something that Michael Kay said that was very telling. I don't remember if he said it during a game broadcast or on his radio show, but he recently told a story about an exchange Joe Girardi had with the people who were running the farm system--before he was hired. Girardi was going through the interview process but had no fear. He came right out and criticized the Yankees for not focusing on baseball fundamentals within their farm system. Prospects were just playing, not playing (or learning to play) the game the right way.

So, perhaps it's not so much a question of not drafting well, but a failure to properly develop players after the draft.

In any case, the Yankees still lag behind teams like the Cardinals and the Red Sox when it comes to the farm system. Until that deficit is fixed, they will still field Major League teams like the one who lost to the Seattle Mariners last night.

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