LADY AT THE BAT: Time For Yankees To Stop Making Excuses & To Start Playing Angry

Monday, June 30, 2014

Time For Yankees To Stop Making Excuses & To Start Playing Angry

Twelve games into their 15 straight against the A.L. East, the New York Yankees are 6-6, exactly .500, and that only because they earned what, in hindsight, appears to be a lucky three game sweep against the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this month.

Aside from those optimistic days, the Yankees have looked terrible, barely eking out one win in series losses to the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox.

In the process, they have wasted two quality starts by Masahiro Tanaka and looked woefully lost on defense. Tanaka was even called an idiot, which, regardless of the context, the atmosphere or the cause, is insulting and rude. Instead of getting riled up, the Yankees shrugged it off. Mark Teixeira said “That wasn’t a big deal” and Joe Girardi said “I don’t make much of it.”

Way to stick up for your starting pitcher and the player who is almost single handedly saving your season, fellas. This is not to say the Yankees should have started a bean ball war, as that is never a good solution, or even have a pitcher go up and in on Napoli every time he came to bat. After all, the focus here has to be on winning games and, as bad as the Yankees look right now it’s best for them not to get distracted by anything.

Still, a “No comment” coupled with a raised eyebrow or an emphatic head shake would have been nice to see.

In fact more outward displays of frustration by Yankees players would be welcome in general. As a fan, it’s nice to at least think that the players are as hurt by these losses as you are, even though they aren't. That’s the mark of a professional. They never get too high or too low, but in looking at the stats of these players, maybe it’s time to play a little angrier.

There isn’t a single Yankees player with at least 100 ABs that has an average over .300 or an OBP even approaching .400. It’s no longer early in the season (the Yankees have played 80 games) and players have had ample time to adjust to the NY environment and to the shifts to which they have been exposed.

Enough with the excuses. Enough with “I’m taking good swings and eventually the hits will fall in.” Enough with “At least the good thing is the division is still close” speeches. Enough talking. Enough patience. Start swinging those bats, otherwise those less than pleasant comments will be heard not just in the opposing dugout but coming from the fans as well.

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Bernadette Pasley said...

I actually don't have a problem with what Napoli said, but I do agree that the Yankees need to start showing some fire when they play. Hopefully we'll start seeing it tonight against Tampa Bay.