LADY AT THE BAT: Punchless New York Yankees Need Lineup Shuffle

Monday, June 9, 2014

Punchless New York Yankees Need Lineup Shuffle

One for Seventeen. That’s what the Yankees were with RISP on Sunday afternoon. Not surprisingly, they also lost the game. Hiroki Kuroda was brilliant, giving up only 2 ERs over 7.0 IP, but he still took the loss as Kansas City Royals pitcher, and familiar Yankees nemesis, James Shields allowed only an unearned run across 6.0 IP. His bullpen continued the solid work from there.

It’s not as if the Yankees didn’t have their chances. They loaded the bases in the 2nd inning with no one out. Nobody scored. They had a runner on third in the seventh inning with one out. Nobody scored. A last ditch effort to at least tie to the game in the top of the 9th inning started with a runner on second, no one out. Nobody scored.

For the Yankees, "nobody scored" is a common refrain these days. It’s disappointing and frustrating to watch and everybody is tired of talking about it. The fans, the coaches, the players. Everybody wants this to go away. Only one of these parties can make that happen, though: the players.

For the most part (I still feel that Kelly Johnson’s time is limited), these are the batters the Yankees will have for the rest of the season, meaning there are no major batters sitting on the DL that can come an provide a big boost. So, the options are limited.

There are still some changes that can be made, however, that may fit this no hit bunch a little better. They may be unconventional and may ruffle some high priced feathers but now is not the time for worrying about egos. It’s time to spark the offense.
  1. Jacoby Ellsbury 
  2. Derek Jeter 
  3. Mark Teixeira 
  4. Yangervis Solarte 
  5. Carlos Beltran 
  6. Brian McCann 
  7. Brian Roberts 
  8. Ichiro Suzuki 
  9. Brett Gardner 
This lineup puts speed at the top and the bottom of the lineup, since this team needs to start manufacturing some runs. Plus, Teixeira and Solarte will get some ABs with RISP to do some damage. Solarte has come back to earth, but is still one of the best options on this lackluster team. McCann, admittedly, is hidden a bit in that sixth spot but, until he shows some consistency, the Yankees need to lower the pressure on him and see if it works. The switch hitters are mainly bunched from 3-5 but that may make an opposing manager's decisions that much harder.

Making a lineup card is difficult. There’s always room for second guessing as, inevitably, a key spot comes up in the first game after the lineup is tinkered with, making all the analysts say, “If only….” No manager likes that kind of scrutiny, but adjusting the lineup is really the only recourse Joe Girardi has at this point. He can’t make the players hit and he can only play the ones he’s given, but shuffling them around a bit just might help.


Unknown said...

I say you bring up the minors home run leader and mix him in daily at DH, RF & C, while giving Tex a rest often with McCann at 1B. Hope it won't be a McCann't at first.

Unknown said...

O'Brien has 18 dingers last I checked.

Unknown said...

When the room stinks, you don't move around the objects, it calls for replacing. Let Sori sit for awhile... Long while... If he wants to play, let him play at AAA.

Uncle Mike said...

I'm not sure if Solarte is the right guy at the cleanup spot, but we've got to try something.

It's gotten so bad that I actually wrote this in my own blog: "The Yankees wasted a leadoff single by Brett Gardner in the 1st, a Solarte single and a Brian Roberts walk in the 2nd, a leadoff double by Jacoby Ellsbury in the 3rd... Oh, what's the use in telling you about any more Yankee RISPfail?"

What's the use, indeed. Maybe Girardi should try Billy Martin's old trick, and pull the names of the lineup out of a hat!