LADY AT THE BAT: Last Night's Tarp Fail Could Have Been Tarp Gate for Yankees

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Night's Tarp Fail Could Have Been Tarp Gate for Yankees

After last night's game quickly deteriorated into Tarp Fail, it was easy to see how it could have been worse: Tarp Gate.

Thanks to the worst-record Texas Rangers, we will likely not hear too many complaints about the failure of the Yankee Stadium grounds crew to get the tarp on the field in a reasonable amount of time.  However, imagine if the Yankees had played a team in contention for a playoff spot.

Even if that team's manager had witnessed the debacle and had seen that no one was at fault other than Mother Nature, those connected with his team would have somehow found fault with the Yankees for what happened last night.

Instead, other than a misplaced comment or two from a Rangers announcer, everyone seemed ready to put the incident behind them. The Rangers were content to accept another loss in a season that has already ended, and the Yankees were happy to be on the other side of things after losing a 5-inning rain-shortened game last week in Baltimore.

The Yankees now have a chance to take the series with a win today. Raise you hand if you thought this would happen after Monday night's loss.  (My hands are still on my keyboard.)

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