LADY AT THE BAT: Party On, Derek Jeter

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Party On, Derek Jeter

An employee gives notice or announces his retirement. From that day until the day he walks out of the office for the last time, he becomes a bit of a different person. He has trouble focusing, making mental errors that he never made before. He is also more laid back, acting friendlier and, perhaps, even joking with people and messing with their heads.

Am I reminding you of someone, Yankees Universe? Yep, I'm talking about Derek Jeter.  Jeter is exhibiting all the classic signs of someone who will soon leave his job. He has been friendlier with fans, signing more autographs and presenting them with baseballs. He has also made two glaring mental errors this season, once at the Stadium and once in Toronto.  Last night he messed with someone's head.

Very cool.

Now, I'm sure Jeter still  has his priorities in order. His "bottom line, I just want to win" boilerplate is still in operation. But you have to admit he has let his guard down somewhat this season, and you have to admit that, some of it at least, is fun to watch.

Party on, Captain.

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