LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Getting Stronger, Thanks To Brian Cashman's Recent Moves

Friday, July 25, 2014

Yankees Getting Stronger, Thanks To Brian Cashman's Recent Moves

After Monday's loss, the Yankees were faced with having to win their series against the Rangers the "hard way," as YES announcer Ken Singleton refers to winning the remaining games of a series after losing the first.  They did just that. Now they go into the weekend series against the Blue Jays with more work to do, but with a team that is just a little bit stronger than it was at the start of the nominal second half of the season.

Reasons for that increase in strength include Brandon McCarthy, who has followed up his debut in Cleveland with two excellent starts against the Reds and Rangers at the Stadium.  They also include Chase Headley, who had the Yankee debut of the century. Could they also include LHP Chris Capuano?

Acquired yesterday from the Rockies for cash, Capuano will likely pitch out of the bullpen and make a spot start now and then.  Though he's had his problems throughout his career, his left arm be just a little better than that of Matt Thornton.

So, is Brian Cashman done making deals to acquire pitching?  He should be, even if Masahiro Tanaka doesn't come back this season (and, it's looking more and more likely that he won't).  Add Michael Pineda to the mix next month, and the Yankees will be all set on the mound.

They're not all set in the batter's box, however.  Cashman finally admitted as such yesterday according to several media reports.  Speculation as to whom he might acquire includes players such as Marlon Byrd and Matt Kemp.  Judging from the low-key deals Cashman has made thus far, he will likely acquire a Byrd type, rather than a big splash like Matt Kemp.

In any case, the Yankees will keep buying.  After all, they are only 3 GB in the division and they now lead the Wild Card by a half game.  I hope you're open for business, MLB.

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