LADY AT THE BAT: Throwback Thursday-- Ron Washington Shows Off His Inner Joe Torre

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday-- Ron Washington Shows Off His Inner Joe Torre

With the All Star Break winding down, today's Throwback Thursday post is devoted to the mid-summer classic, specifically the 2011 version.

If you recall, Ron Washington managed the American League squad. You may also recall that CC Sabathia was having a pretty good year when the selections were made. Yet, Washington failed to select Sabathia, choosing instead one of his own (at the time), CJ Wilson. I remember being quite upset about this snub:

"... since Sabathia's turn in the Yankee rotation would have made it impossible for him to pitch in the All-Star Game, Washington could have chosen Sabathia and then replaced him with his own guy, CJ Wilson. That would have been the respectful thing to do. Instead, Washington snubbed Sabathia and chose Wilson outright. Washington is wrong here...."

Then I came to my senses:

"Or, is he? Remember Joe Torre? He did things like this all the time during the Yankees recent championship years. I don't remember any Yankee fans complaining back then. When you win you can do whatever you want."

If I remember correctly, Sabathia ended up at the game anyway, but Ron Washington was free to act as he did, since he was last year's AL pennant-winning manager. 

We don't see managers channeling their inner Torres  that much these days, probably because the game counts.   Players can't have as much fun anymore on this night for that very reason.  Adam Wainwright must have had a brain cramp, because he tried to have fun. 

Don't feel bad, Adam. You embodied the spirit the All Star Game is supposed to have.  As I said in 2011, can we overturn that silly rule already?

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