LADY AT THE BAT: Pineda & Hal Remind Everyone That Offense Is The Problem For Yankees

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pineda & Hal Remind Everyone That Offense Is The Problem For Yankees

The good news about last night's game against the Orioles was Michael Pineda:  5IP, 2H, 1R, 0BB, 4K.  Pineda threw 67 pitches in a very solid return to the Yankees rotation, after not having pitched since late April.

The bad news, in spite of the fact that the bullpen had a bad night, was the offense. Or, was it? Does the fact that something happens almost every night make it bad news?  Sadly, it's actually not news at all.  The only real news regarding the offense yesterday was the commentary of the team's owner and managing general partner, Hal Steinbrenner:

"...We put a lot of money into the offense...and they have been, as a whole, inconsistent. It's been a problem. And it needs to change, needless to say."

Not exactly the firestorm of words his late father would have spat. However, not even a firestorm could help this team right now.  George Steinbrenner "ruled" in a different era of baseball. An owner could scream until he is blue in the face today, but because of the perfect storm I wrote about earlier this week, little to nothing would change.

Will a little change come in Tampa Bay this weekend? If it does come it will likely be a change for the worse.  It would be the start of a  very sad time for Yankees Universe.

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