LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees One Win Away From Series Split With Mighty Detroit Tigers

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yankees One Win Away From Series Split With Mighty Detroit Tigers

Judging from the way the Yankees pitching staff has performed over the past few months, it wasn't hard to believe that they could match the Tigers' Big Three: Max Scherzer, David Price and Justin Verlander.  The question was whether or not they could score enough runs to, if not win, make the games competitive.  After all, their anemic offense has been a broken record for most of the season.

Well, they did score enough runs last night. Just enough, and had Ezequiel Carrera not made that ridiculous catch in center field, they might have scored even more.  Carrera helped insure that the Yankees would win their 15th straight game decided by two or fewer runs:

Perhaps he won't be as spectacular for the rest of the series. 

Over the next two games the Yankees face David Price and Justin Verlander respectively, both of whom they have beaten before.  The wild card in the series comes in the finale, with Rick Porcello pitching.  After a few years of adjustment, Porcello seems finally to have come into his own.

It would behoove the Yankees to win one of the next two games. In this way they will get a split in the series, which is something most people involved should be hoping for anyway.

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