LADY AT THE BAT: A Perfect Storm Has Led To Yankees Offensive Woes This Season

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Perfect Storm Has Led To Yankees Offensive Woes This Season

Another loss, blamed, once again, on a lack of offense.

Had it not been for the two errors the Orioles made in the second inning, the Yankees would have scored only a single run, for the second straight game. Their reaction to Baltimore's gift was to return it. With interest.  If they keep doing things like this, there is no way they will see the light of day in the playoffs.

So, why are they doing things like this anyway? The answer, I believe, isn't as simple as Kevin Long not doing his job. Several factors must be taken into consideration:

1. Offense is down throughout Major League Baseball (although, it is tempting to think that, if the Yankees' numbers are removed, it would be up a tick).

2. The decrease in offense is a result of MLB's current drug policy, now the strongest in all of sports. Banned substances include amphetamines (greenies), which kept players from dragging during the season.

3. Even though points one and two above are true, the MLB season is still 162 games long.  No greenies? What's a player to do?

4. Take the above three points and add it to one that is unique to the Yankees: age.

Altogether it is a perfect storm.

Is there a solution to all of this? There is but, unfortunately, not this season. The Yankees and their fans can only hope for a miracle or a little bit of luck if they want to see the postseason this year.  They had that last night, but they let it slip away.

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