LADY AT THE BAT: Derek Jeter Gift Meter: The New York Yankees

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Derek Jeter Gift Meter: The New York Yankees

Putting aside the debate about whether or not it was too early in the season to present them, here is a look back at the farewell gifts the Yankees gave their captain and the Face of Baseball, Derek Jeter.

1. A Mettler GS massage therapy machine, just like the one Jeter threatened to steal from the clubhouse upon his retirement.

2. A framed display of patches from his 14 All Star Game appearances.

3. A 10-day vacation to Tuscany, Italy.

4. A Waterford Crystal display.

5. A check for $222,222.22, payable to the Turn 2 Foundation.

Analysis: For the most part, a very thoughtful presentation.  The massage machine was an amusing touch and the trip to Tuscany was a home run.  Waterford is always acceptable as well.  The framed patches? Eh. The check brings the Mets to mind, even though it was for more money.  In any case, the guests on hand for the event, including Michael Jordan, more than make up for any oversights.

Rating: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being perfect and 1 being garbage-- 9

The Baltimore Orioles are next.  Can their fans refrain from booing The Captain until the ceremony is over? We shall see.

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