LADY AT THE BAT: Derek Jeter Day: A Successful Thank You To & From The Captain

Monday, September 8, 2014

Derek Jeter Day: A Successful Thank You To & From The Captain

Rookie of the Year, Five World Series championships, 14 All-Star selections, all time New York Yankees hits leader, all-time MLB post-season hits leader and 11th Captain of the New York Yankees.  He's given Yankees fans all this and more. On Sunday afternoon, on his day, he gave them something else, in the form of two words:

Thank you.

On a day when the Yankees trotted out luminaries from all generations, from all sports and from all levels of baseball, Derek Jeter put the fans on a pedestal. He thanked us for supporting him, for watching him and for keeping him young.

He joked with us, telling us that we’ve gotten old too. He told us that, as much joy as we’ve gotten from watching him, it was nothing near to what he’s gotten from us. And then he told us that there was a game to play. It was quintessential Derek Jeter.

Yes, he was being diplomatic. There’s no way Derek Jeter took more joy out of the 40,000+ fans in the Stadium on Sunday and the millions more who watched at home than we took from him over the years.

It was yet another example of Derek Jeter being our Captain. He has always put the team first, before any personal accolades and accomplishments. He has always put winning first.  He has always put baseball first. He has put the Yankees tradition first. And always, he has charged the fans with doing the same. Up until now it’s been a journey he’s taken with us and, on Sunday, we all got to sit back, like old friends, and look back on the trip fondly.

The rest of the day was, unfortunately, not as enjoyable as the Yankees dropped another eminently winnable game. The Yankees still have games to play and still have a chance to make the playoffs. It’s just that it would take a miracle run to do so. So now, the focus is on Derek Jeter and watching him run out to shortstop at Yankee Stadium for eleven more days.

Most importantly, it is one more chance for fans to cheer our Captain and say the same thing he said to us on Sunday: Thank You.

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