LADY AT THE BAT: Derek Jeter Gift Meter: Baltimore Orioles

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Derek Jeter Gift Meter: Baltimore Orioles

Derek Jeter's team suffered a series opening loss in Tampa Bay last night. Before that, they lost a series finale in Baltimore.  The losses have become almost predictable, so much so that they are hardly news anymore. What is still news is Jeter's farewell tour.  The Orioles threw their hat into the ring on Sunday night.

1. A US Navy Captain's hat.

2. A bucket of jumbo steamed crabs from former Oriole Boog Powell.

3. An oversized crab mallet, made from the same wood as Jeter's Louisville Slugger bats.

4. An oversized cake depicting his number 2 jersey.

4. A $10,000 donation in Jeter's name to the Miracle League of Manasota, a non-profit group from Sarasota, FL, the Orioles' spring training home.

Analysis:  To paraphrase an old saying, the Orioles hit the crab on the head with this presentation.  The crabs scream Maryland shore. The captain's hat reminds us of both Annapolis and Jeter's leadership.  The cake: it has to be at least his second one this season but, who doesn't love sweets?  As for the donation, it seemed a little self-serving on the Orioles' part but, at least people who need the money will receive it.

Rating:  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being perfect and 1 being garbage--  9

Tonight: The Tampa Bay Rays. Hopefully, Joe Maddon won't get to upset when his stadium erupts in cheers for the Captain.

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