LADY AT THE BAT: Stop Blaming Kevin Long For Yankees' Offensive Struggles

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stop Blaming Kevin Long For Yankees' Offensive Struggles

With the season on the line for the New York Yankees, Brian McCann has finally shown up for work.  In his last two games (including a 4-4 game against the Red Sox last night), he has gone 6-8 with two home runs and four RBIs.

While it's easy to be happy for McCann, it's even easier to be angry, both with him and the New York Yankees in general. After all, with so few games remaining in the season, it's going to take a miracle for this team to even sniff a playoff spot.

Which brings us to another edition of what I am calling the Stop The Blame Game. Yesterday Christina made a case for why those who want Derek Jeter dropped in the batting order need to shut up. Today, former blogger and occasional podcast guest Mike Passeri tackles the Kevin Long haters. On his Facebook page, Mike had this to say in defense of the Yankee hitting coach:

"I am amazed how much I hear people calling for Kevin Long to be fired. Is it Long's fault Tex is pig headed? Beltran has a bum elbow? Jeter is old? McCann belongs in the NL? Johnson and Roberts stink? Suzuki is old? That is all Long's fault? How about that Cervelli is a better hitter or that Gardner hits for more power? Is that Long or something else? Hitting coach is the most over rated coaching position in baseball. The Mets fired their hitting coach. Didn't seem to help much. If the Yankees fire Long, that's fine. All I am saying is that a different hitting coach would not have made a difference this season. Good hitters make good hitting coaches, not the other way around."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

For more of Mike's opinions, like his Facebook page.

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Unknown said...

No I am sorry he needs to be fired. Period. His strategy is not working with the hitters. The only thing he has taken credit for is granderson and arod. Both are terrible now. His way of going with RISP is horrible. They dont know how to work the count anymore he needs to go! They are guys coming to the Yankees with past injury problems I understand that but come on Mcann- 240/270 career hitter. Mark Tex was 330 hitter! Not any more. Solarte was leading us in RBIS! People this is 500 million dollar team! Someone has to take fault for it! They cant hit. Its pitiful. 2 runs a game against guys with 4-5 eras????? Yes its long and its always been long RISP in the playoffs go look it up HORRIBLE now its just worse KEVIN....LONG....NEEDS....TO ...GO!!!