LADY AT THE BAT: While McCann Deserves A Pass, Other Yankees Derserve Anything But

Thursday, September 11, 2014

While McCann Deserves A Pass, Other Yankees Derserve Anything But

Fans were given another tease last night, as the Yankees came from behind to beat the Rays by a score of 8-5.

Actually, there was more than one tease, including one from Brian McCann. McCann went 2-3 with three RBIs, including a home run.  Seeing performances like this from him so late in the season is beyond frustrating.

In spite of the frustration, I am willing to say this: We should give Brian McCann a pass for 2014.  True, the excuse that he's learning a new league makes no sense when you look at the performances of international players like Jose Abreu.  Also, having to harness a completely new pitching staff shouldn't take an entire season. However, does this terrible season mean that he will be this bad for the next four years?

Possibly, but it could also mean that 2014 was simple a bad year and that he will bounce back in 2015.  It is wrong to call the Brian McCann contract a bust after only its first year.  That thought shouldn't come into anyone's mind until this time next season.

What we can do is complain about three other contracts the Yankees have around their necks, those of Mark Teixeira (two more years), Carlos Beltran (two more years) and Alex Rodriguez (three more years).  Teixeira is one of the most selfish players I have ever seen, Beltran is just plain old and Rodriguez is a complete fraud.  Yet, unless the Yankees can somehow get out from under A-Rod's contract beforehand, they won't be free of this mess until the 2018 season.

So complain all you want about bad contracts but, for now, leave Brian McCann's out of it.

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