LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Fail To Hit When It Counts And Drop Final Series In Toronto

Monday, September 1, 2014

Yankees Fail To Hit When It Counts And Drop Final Series In Toronto

The New York Yankees have consistently said that they understand the urgency of their situation. However, most of their players don't seem to performing at that "urgent" level on the field.

The game started off in promising fashion when Brett Gardner, with one swing of the bat, matched the total number of hits the Yankees were able to muster in Saturday’s game. Derek Jeter followed with a single, and suddenly it seemed as if Saturday’s game might have been just a blip.

For five innings, Brandon McCarthy and the Yankees hitters did nothing to dispel that early feeling as the righty was dominant up until that point, giving up only 2 hits and even striking out the side in the 5th. What happened next seemed like a bad dream. In the span of four batters, what had been a dominant outing by McCarthy turned into a debacle. I can still hear Michael Kay’s home run calls for Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion ringing in my ears. Just like that, the game was tied and McCarthy was out of the game.

Not exactly the bounce back outing he or the team were looking for but, once again, if the offense had been able to get hits in key situations, it really wouldn't have mattered. The Yankees mustered eleven hits in Sunday’s game, including one by Jacoby Ellsbury--who seems to be the one player turning up his game when it matters--but only one of those hits came when it mattered, as the team went 1-for-8 with RISP. That fits with their season long trend, as they have the 8th lowest BA and 11th lowest OBP with RISP in the American League.

What’s worse, none of those eleven hits came from the four (Mark Teixeira) or five (Carlos Beltran) spots. That's a great way to lose a ballgame. No one expects this team to bat 1.000 in scoring situations, but .125, when you are literally fighting for your playoff lives, is simply unacceptable.

The Yankees players and staff can say they’re not panicking all they want, but they can rest assured that the fan base is getting worried. If this uninspired play continues on this all important homestand, the fans will surely let this team hear about it.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, they didn't hit and also lost another in the late innings, the 7th. Ring up another late game lost, as before they use to dominate from the 7th till the end. They use to be the best at it.