LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' Mark Teixeira & His Priorities: They Mean Only One Thing

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yankees' Mark Teixeira & His Priorities: They Mean Only One Thing

This morning Mark Teixeira helped to co-host ESPN Radio and ESPN2's popular morning program, "Mike & Mike." He was scheduled to appear on the show for three of its four hours.

It's the postseason, but the Yankees aren't in the playoffs so, you can't begrudge him the opportunity.  Tex has plenty of time to do TV and radio shows right now.

What about during the baseball season? Teixeira didn't make a multi-hour appearance on any shows this season (that I know of).  However, he was involved in many other off-field activities, including acquiring and managing real estate and monitoring a juice bar investment. You have probably read Wallace Matthews' article, which mentions other off-field activities Teixeira has participated in during his career, which include appearing on "Entourage" and performing in a Broadway show.

But Matthews also mentioned that some Yankees personnel are wondering if Teixeira has his priorities screwed up. They wonder if baseball is less of one than everything else he is doing is. Couple that with what I am calling his infamous comment about no longer being able to play everyday anymore--at the age of 34.  Add to them the fact that Teixeira has only two more years left on his deal with the Yankees. Can you see where I'm going?

Mark Teixeira's current contract will be the last of his career. He will retire from baseball after the 2016 season.  I will be shocked if this does not happen.

Let's hope that Teixeira will have the desire to hit the opposite way during these last two years. However, I'm not holding my breath.

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