LADY AT THE BAT: Four Off-Season Priorities For The New York Yankees

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Four Off-Season Priorities For The New York Yankees

While the Yankees have conducted their organizational meetings this week, I have given a lot of thought to what I think they should be focusing on down there in Tampa.

They should be concentrating on many things, but in my opinion, these four should be at top of the list:

1. Acquiring or trading for a new shortstop:  JJ Hardy never really floated my boat, so I'm glad the Orioles swooped in and took him off the radar. What I'd like for them to do is to look into the availability of the Cubs' Starlin Castro.  The Cubs have a glut of shortstops in their system and Castro is only 24 years old. With all the catching depth the Yankees have, they should be able to work out something that will put Castro in pinstripes.

2. Shoring up the starting rotation:  The Yankees already have more than enough starters to fill a starting rotation. The question, however, is the health of those starters. They need to add one. However, I'm afraid of the big pitchers that will enter free agency next month. They are all over 30 and will demand huge money. Why not go the bargain route and sign Brandon McCarthy?

3. Bringing in a backup 1B: And I'm not talking about Alex Rodriguez.  The speculation right now is that Mark Teixeira will have a bounce-back season in 2015, when he'll be another year removed from his wrist surgery. I'm not buying it.  Call for backup.

4. Buying out Alex Rodriguez: I know that this isn't likely to happen, but I want it to. If you've listened to the latest podcast, you know why.  It was okay for Rodriguez to screw up once, especially when he said, "Judge me from here on out."  However, he doesn't deserve a second chance, in my opinion. He's a liar and a cheat, a complete fraud.  That's why I'm using this hashtag on Twitter: #BuyOutAROD.

Those are my priorities. I wish they were the Yankees' as well.


Bruce's Sports Blog said...

I agree generally with the priorities. They need a shortstop no question. New young kid like Castro would be nice, even Drew is a possibility for a year, cheap.
I like Tex but I do not trust his health. They need to start grooming someone for first as a backup and looking for or developing a replacement. He makes one of their fundamental problems worse.
I think their biggest problem is lack of power. When all are healthy they still do not have a lot of consistent power. McCann is way off projections, Beltran is way below historic production, Tex is hurt all the time. Headley for a whole season helps but you can't look at this lineup and see even 25 sure HRs anywhere. The team "OPS" bites. Those are all good players but the Yanks need to get some legit power in the lineup and just waiting for these guys to hit or get healthy isn't the solution.
They need to get rid of ARod, he is poison to the team and no good as a player any more. Let's all hope he can't play and they can get some insurance on him. Need to put Beltran at DH and get a real right fielder with 25+ HR power. One really big bat in the lineup would make a huge difference.
We also need to wish CC well and hope he can't pitch and will retire so the Yanks can get the insurance on him as well. They need one more healthy, reliable starter in addition to resigning McCarthy.
Pretty clear, get a shortstop, get a power hitting right fielder, get a #2 or #3 starter, get rid or ARod and coax CC into retirement.
That team could win a WS.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Sounds good, Bruce. Let's see what happens. :)