LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Have Time To Play Catch-Up In Off-Season Standings

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yankees Have Time To Play Catch-Up In Off-Season Standings

As Yankee fans know, this off-season has been a quiet one for the team up to this point. As of this morning, they have acquired/traded for only the following:

RHP Esmil Rogers
3B Jonathan Galvez (minor league deal)
RHP Andrew Bailey (minor league deal)
LHP Jose De Paula
LHP Justin Wilson
LF Chris Young

The deficiencies in the infield and the starting pitching have not been addressed, nor has the closer situation. Also, the weak and, at times, non-existent offense has yet to be improved. (Speaking of offense, by the way, the team has yet to hire a hitting coach.)

With all the flurry of activity throughout the rest of the American League East, it is very hard not to worry about the Yankees' seeming lack of the same.  However, as Jack Curry pointed out on a recent edition of "Yankees Hot Stove" on the YES Network, the Yankees are engaged this off-season.  Just because they aren't producing bells and whistles like the Red Sox, it doesn't mean they are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

You also have to remember that there is still a little more than two months until Pitchers and Catchers, and that the Winter Meetings don't start until next week.  There is still plenty of time.

One more word about the search for a hitting coach: I don't know if the Yankees are doing this, but it might be a good idea to hold off on hiring one until their offense is in place.  It's probably best to have someone on board whom everyone is comfortable with.

In any case, the Yankees have time to play catch-up in the off-season standings. But winning the off-season isn't the point, of course.  The prize is much further away than that.

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