LADY AT THE BAT: Another Bad Visual For Alex Rodriguez

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another Bad Visual For Alex Rodriguez

We're a little over a month away from the Yankees welcoming back the mistake that is Alex Rodriguez.  However, it seems as if A-Rod can't wait until then to make himself look bad. There is a post over at Hardball Talk that links to a San Francisco Chronicle article about whom he is currently working out with: Barry Bonds.

Yes, Major Leaguers like Dexter Fowler and Michael Morse have also worked out at the same facility, which is owned by a friend and ex-college teammate of Bonds. However, Fowler and Morse have no PED connections (that we know if). Even if A-Rod is now clean as a whistle, being seen working out with Bonds just doesn't look right. It's a bad optic. A bad visual.

This development really should surprise no one. A-Rod cares nothing of visuals, as demonstrated by his attempt to hang out with Yuri Sucart, his now-estranged cousin, a few years ago on a west coast road trip. He is in his own little world. It is a world he believes he's allowing the rest of to live in.

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