LADY AT THE BAT: The Yankees' Coaching Staff, Willie Randolph & Misplaced Nostalgia

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Yankees' Coaching Staff, Willie Randolph & Misplaced Nostalgia

The Yankees will have almost an entirely new coaching staff this year, and Willie Randolph will not be part of it.

From the team's press release:

The New York Yankees today announced Joe Girardi's coaches for the 2015 season, with Jeff Pentland (hitting), Joe Espada (third base) and Alan Cockrell (assistant hitting) joining the staff. Larry Rothschild (pitching) and Gary Tuck (bullpen) will each return to the roles they served in 2014, while Rob Thomson will now be the club's bench coach and Tony Pena will serve as first base coach.

Lots of fans in Yankees Universe were sad to find out that Randolph will not be a part of the staff.  Randolph himself expressed disappointment in not be selected.

It is sad, and Randolph is right to be disappointed.  He was a fan favorite and, as far as I've heard, he is a very good coach. However, a lot of this angst is nothing more than misplaced nostalgia.  It happens every time a Yankee gets or doesn't get something, like getting (or, not getting) re-signed by the team, or getting (or, not getting) into the Hall of Fame. Do the names Andy Pettitte and Don Mattingly ring a bell? What about Jorge Posada, whom fans were up in arms about when the team told him he couldn't catch anymore?

Nostalgia is fun, but a lot of fans mistakenly believe that having former Yankees around almost guarantees another World Series Championship.  It doesn't.

We don't know (and, may never know) why Randolph wasn't hired this year.  However, it doesn't mean that the Yankees are doomed to failure.  Let's welcome the new coaches and wish them and the entire staff well for the upcoming season.

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