LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Right To Continue Their Scorched A-Rod Policy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yankees Right To Continue Their Scorched A-Rod Policy

Shortly after MLB handed him his 162-game suspension last year, Alex Rodriguez embarked on a scorched-earth policy. Claiming innocence for what was probably the 100th time, he set out to sue everyone and everybody in his path, including his own union.

This policy was the furthest thing from anyone's mind after his 2009 mea culpa, in which he said to everyone, "Judge me from here on out."  That day, the Yankees put together a formal press conference on the grounds of their spring training complex, where he was surrounded by team personnel and had his teammates in attendance.

Rodriguez recently asked for another formal mea culpa. The Yankees said no.  He also declared his intentions to be the starting 3B.  Chase Headley let them say no.  He made it clear that he wants to be an everyday player.  The acquisition of Garrett Jones gave them another opportunity to say no. Now they are (rightfully) trying to say no to something else: his milestone home run bonuses.

No. It's a very simple word. It's also a very powerful one. A hot one. A burning one. It is the Yankees' Scorched A-Rod Policy.  Fans who think he's being shafted need to go back and read the first two paragraphs of this post.  Alex Rodriguez deserves everything the Yankees have coming to him.

Get off A-Rod's bandwagon, guys. It's about to go up in flames.

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