LADY AT THE BAT: On the 2015 Baseball Hall Of Fame Election

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On the 2015 Baseball Hall Of Fame Election

The Stephen Drew re-signing seems to be hanging over all our heads like a loose brick. (Why, Brian? Why?) Until the Yankees actually confirm it, I'm not going to believe it. I'm going to focus, instead, on yesterday's Hall Of Fame announcement.

Congratulations to the inductees: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and my birthday brother, Craig Biggio.  Eight former Yankees appeared on the ballot, resulting in the following:

Tim Raines, 55%
Roger Clemens, 37.5%
Mike Mussina, 24.6%
Gary Sheffield, 11.7%
Don Mattingly, 9.1%
Aaron Boone, 0.4%
Tom Gordon, 0.4%
Tony Clark, 0

It was Mattingly's final appearance on the regular ballot. He will now be at the mercy of the Expansion Era Committee.  He still won't get in, nor does he deserve to.

Boone received two votes. Really? An ALCS-winning walk-off homer warrants two HOF votes? The same applies for Tom Gordon. It makes no sense.

Sheffield and Clemens: Need I say more? If there is more than suspicion, you shouldn't be let in.

Though I don't believe Mussina deserves to be inducted, he did deserve more than the 135 votes he got, simply because he pitched in the same era that guys like Sheffield and Clemens played in.

As for Tim Raines, anyone who didn't vote for him should have his head examined.  However, wouldn't it be great if he got in the same year as his buddy Derek Jeter?  (Are you listening, Expansion Era Committee?)

Once, again, congratulations to the inductees. Better luck next year to all the rest.


johnnyriz said...

Congrats to the four that got in all well deserved. As far as Roger and Sheffield, well I gotta say I'd vote them in in a minute. The guys were great players, steroids or not. I personally don't care if they take steroids and in my opinion it will probably be commonplace one day. Regardless they are HOFers as well as Bonds. Tim Rains great player but no hall of famer.I also think Steven Drew is an excellent player and hoe the Yankees do resign him. Nice blog love to read it.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Thanks for the comments, John. Hope you come back and read again!

Uncle Mike said...

Tim Raines stole 808 bases. Only 4 people who have ever lived have stolen more bases: Billy Hamilton, Ty Cobb, Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson. You'll notice that only 2, Brock and Henderson, have played so much as an inning since the Coolidge Administration. So Raines is 3rd in steals among players in the last 86 years. What possible argument is there for keeping him out of the Hall of Fame?

Bernadette Pasley said...

Good points, Mike. I don't know what the writers are waiting for.