LADY AT THE BAT: Thoughts On Moncada Signing With The Red Sox

Monday, February 23, 2015

Thoughts On Moncada Signing With The Red Sox

So the Yankees missed out on signing Cuban free agent Yoan Moncada.

Or, did they?

They put him through not one, not two, but three private workouts. They offered him $25 million, which meant they were willing to absorb a ton in taxes. Does that sound like they missed out?

To me it doesn't.  To me it sounds like they did their due diligence, and made a calculated decision based on it.

Their decision likely was based on other factors as well, including the fact that Moncada likely won't be on any Major League club's 2015 Opening Day roster.  There is also their list of current prospects, which include Juan Deleon, Dermis Garcia and Eric Jagielo.

But don't just take it from me. The folks over at Pinstriped Prospects say it best. Read their breakdown here.

Moving on....

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