LADY AT THE BAT: Did The Yankees Do Enough This Winter?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Did The Yankees Do Enough This Winter?

The New York Yankees have the biggest payroll in baseball, and it is no surprise that they have been able to win the most World Series ever as well. With that type of reputation, losing seasons are not tolerated. After not having a very good 2014 year, many thought that they would open up their checkbook to get more talent. Instead, they were relatively quiet during the winter. People in fantasy baseball are hoping that the few offseason moves they made will be enough to at least stay in contention in 2015.

The only new player expected to start on opening day for the New York Yankees is shortstop Didi Gregorius. He is the guy in charge of somehow trying to replace Derek Jeter. Even though Jeter’s fantasy baseball numbers were well below average in his final games, Gregorius knows a lot of pressure will be surrounding him just the same. He is a very fine shortstop on defense, but he is still maturing as a hitter.

Even though he is not new to the team, Alex Rodriguez will be returning after missing the entire 2014 season due to his suspension. No one really knows what he has left in the tank, but chances are he will get opportunities as a designated hitter and even a 1st baseman. If he does end up hitting well in providing value in fantasy baseball, he acts, a little bit, as a free-agent signing.

The bullpen was a little bit shaky last year for the Yankees, and that led to giving away a few too many games. Adding Andrew Miller as their top reliever in the middle innings will really help out. The left-handed pitcher has been able to have success in the American League East his entire career, and now he gets to go up against his former teams in Boston and Baltimore.

With so few moves, people are not exactly optimistic about the New York Yankees right now. They do have quite a bit of talent, but they need to find a way to stay healthy, unlike 2014. If they do pull that off, they will contend in a relatively weak American League East compared to recent memory.

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