LADY AT THE BAT: Why Mo'ne Davis Should Keep Cashing It In

Monday, March 23, 2015

Why Mo'ne Davis Should Keep Cashing It In

As you've probably heard, the latest person to put their foot in their mouth on social media is a college baseball player, who posted an offensive tweet about Little League World Series star Mo'ne Davis.  Bloomsburg University 1B Joey Casselberry was kicked off his team as a result and, while apologizing, said, "...I am a huge fan of Mo'ne. She was quite an inspiration." Too little, too late.

In the offensive tweet, Casselberry referenced the fact that Disney is planning to make a movie about Davis' life. No doubt, Casselberry is sick of what is being called over-kill when it comes to Davis. He's not the only one who's sick of it. Plenty of people think that the whole Mo'ne Davis phenomenon has gone too far.

I would say the same thing myself except, I know better. It's too bad that a lot of other people don't know better. What everyone has to remember is that Davis plays team sports. She doesn't play tennis like Serena Williams or golf like Michelle Wie.  Women who play individual sports have a longer "shelf life," if you will, when it comes to playing and making money.  On the other hand, if you are a woman who plays a team sport, you pretty much slide into oblivion once you leave college.

Sure, there is the occasional WNBA player who makes a name for herself. Briefly. But for the most part, the fame ends once college is over.

Unless things change, Mo'ne Davis will experience the same thing once she leaves UCONN, or whatever college she ends up attending. You'll hear from her occasionally, but it won't be close to the number of times you hear about a star college basketball player who makes it the NBA.

So, I'm all for her cashing in and making as much money as she can right now.  Just keep right on doing what you're doing, Mo'ne.  Take the money and run.

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