LADY AT THE BAT: An Open Letter To Didi Gregorius

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Open Letter To Didi Gregorius

Dear Didi (or, Sir Didi if you prefer):

Let’s be clear. Nobody is putting all the blame on you for the Yankees 3-5 record, or for their place at the bottom of the A.L. East. That wouldn’t be fair. Between Masahiro Tanaka’s subpar starts, CC Sabathia’s poor starts (although last nights 7 IP and 4 ER was an improvement) and poor situational hitting with RISP, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

But it’s apparent that you’re not exactly helping the team right now, either. Not with your offense (.130 BA, .192 OBP and 4 strike outs vs. 3 hits through eight games) but, most frustratingly, not with your defense. Yes, officially, your error in last nights 4-3 loss to the Orioles was your first of the season. But your defense has been undeniably shaky. And it’s unexplainable. Unexplainable because you are better than that. So much better.

All through Spring Training, you seemed so calm, so loose, so mature.  So ready. You flew under the radar while saying all the right things and letting your stellar defense do the talking. Your charisma, your glove and yes, even your smile, were all increasingly reassuring. You made it clear that you knew there was no replacing Derek Jeter which was fine with the fans. We know how lucky we were to have Jeter as the Yankees captain for so long, and we knew the odds of him being reincarnated in you were virtually nil.

Which is fine. We know it and you said you knew it. You were going to be Didi Gregorius and, in Spring Training, that seemed like it would be more than enough. Your defense plus a .250 BA would be more than acceptable. A fair return for a trade of Shane Greene, a serviceable major league starter, even on a team with questions all over its rotation.

You left Spring Training in relatively good health and headed home to the Bronx with a minor stopover in Washington D.C. Everything seemed fine but, somewhere along the way, you seemed to have lost your glove and, maybe, your confidence.

You have been over aggressive on the base paths, getting thrown out at 3B for the third out and picked off 1B, uncertain in the field, laying back on balls you should have charged and double clutching easy grounders. You have been swinging out of your shoes in big moments and giving away at bats, such as in that marathon game vs. the Red Sox.

Add it all together and it has been a rough first week for you in pinstripes. So take some advice from a fan who, like the vast majority of fans, wants nothing more than for you to succeed so that the team can succeed.

Relax, Sir Didi. Just relax. Go back to being that guy in your Twitter avatar who is staring out of a plane window, hundreds of thousands of feet in the air and still training your eyes upward. Show us all that potential that Yankees fans are dying to see. Just take a deep breath, wipe this week off the slate and start over. We’re behind you, I promise.


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Unknown said...

Sorry Christine, there's no crying in baseball