LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Win First Round of 2015 Subway Series

Monday, April 27, 2015

Yankees Win First Round of 2015 Subway Series

Sometimes you have to brag on your team, pump them up to make sure people notice. Other times, a famous New York City landmark does it for you.

After the New York Yankees Sunday night 6-4 victory over the cross-town rival Mets, the Empire State Building was lit up in Yankees blue & white, a testament to the team that won round one of the 2015 Subway Series. It is one of the many perks of winning the series and, in a year when the series was one of the most hyped, and the Yankees were largely pegged as the underdogs, it was a very nice win.

As a result, every Yankees fan out there is smiling a bit more broadly. All the talk about “Who owns New York?” has been silenced until at least September. The Mets can be as good as they want to be (and lets face it, they are a great team thus far into the season) but until they do it against the Yankees they can go ahead and keep that second seat nice and warm.

On the downside, Sunday night’s game was a sloppy one, with six errors between the two team, including two by the Yankees (even with Didi Gregorious taking the night off). It’s enough to make me wonder if there is something to those concerns about sharing the field with a soccer team. Only time will tell on this one, but the Yankees were fortunate enough to take advantage of some miscues in the field and a poor start from Nathan Eovaldi to hold on for the win.

Eovaldi managed only 4.1 IP and the young fireballer accepted full responsibility for his subpar start. During his post-game interview on the YES Network, Eovaldi admitted he was surprised to see Girardi come out to the mound to take him out after only 87 pitches, but said that he understood the decision. The dominance of the pitchers that followed him surely made his struggles easier to take, as Dellin Betances was 2014 kind of good, racking up three strike outs in his 1 IP and Andrew Miller’s breaking balls moved so much he got John Mayberry Jr. to swing at a pitch that could have hit him in the back foot.

So it was a great series. Even better, it was a great Subway Series. That means all of New York City wins.  Now the Yankees move back to A.L. East opponents, facing off against the Tampa Bay Rays, who are making their presence felt atop the division. Those are the games the Yankees really need to win. We know that. Sunday night’s game though, was one that fans really wanted them to win. Thankfully the Yankees obliged.

Oh, and Mets aka NY (NL)? The Yankees don’t just love to be associated with NY. They ARE NY, which makes that NY (AL) designation superfluous. So consider that Twitter feud settled, courtesy of the New York Yankees.

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