LADY AT THE BAT: As Girardi Gets Cute, Things Get Ugly For Yankees

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

As Girardi Gets Cute, Things Get Ugly For Yankees

Andrew Miller wasn't available last night.

After pitching on Friday against the Red Sox, he was rested on Saturday, and after pitching Sunday against the Red Sox, he was rested last night.  What the heck for?

I thought the goal was to keep Miller and Dellin Betances from pitching three days in a row. Now, all of a sudden, it's important to keep Andrew Miller from pitching two days in a row?

Yes, the Yankees might still have lost last night's game, wasting a terrific outing by Chase Whitley, had both Betances and Miller pitched, but it's not likely.  They lost it, because Joe Girardi decided to get cute, by having Chris "Money For Nothing" Martin start the eighth inning.

It might be time for Martin to move those refrigerators again, with a few custom kitchen deliveries thrown in.  As for Girardi, he needs to stick to what works. It's okay to look ugly.


ronald frushon said...

i have been saying it for 4 years,girardi is a terrible

Unknown said...

i agree...not only that...he dosen't put in texiera as a defensive replacement in the 8th....i have zero respect for him as a mgr after batting jeter 2nd all last yr. when he should have batted ellsbury and gardner one, this yr.