LADY AT THE BAT: Missing Ellsbury's Effort & Cursing Beltran's Lack Therof

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Missing Ellsbury's Effort & Cursing Beltran's Lack Therof

A 2-7 road trip. As Joe Girardi would say, "It's not what you want." Last night was really frustrating, thanks, in part, to one Carlos Beltran.

If he had made any sort of an effort to catch that pop fly in the bottom of the seventh, the Yankees might have gone on to get out of the inning without (what turned out to be) the winning run scoring. He didn't, and the Yankees lost the last game of a very disappointing road trip.

All Beltran had to do was make an effort. Just try. No one was asking him to be Jacoby Ellsbury.

Speaking of Ellsbury, I was stunned to hear play-by-play announcer Michael Kay's comments about Ellsbury's injury on his radio show yesterday:  to paraphrase, if Ellsbury is out for an extended period of time, the Yankees' season might be over. Jacoby Ellsbury, Kay said, is the best player on the team.

Really? The best player on the team? I have to admit that I have never thought of Jacoby Ellsbury as the Yankees' best player. I know I can be dim sometimes, but as bad as this team has been for the past couple of years, anyone should be given a pass for not being able to see the cream rising to the top. So, don't punish me for not realizing the Yankees might be in trouble.

Then again, Michael Kay also swore up and down that Dellin Betances was hurt when he didn't pitch well at the beginning of the season.  I'm not going to rush to call him a soothsayer.

Rumor has it that Ellsbury won't need surgery. Hopefully he won't need an extended period of rest, either. Get well soon, Ells.


Unknown said...

we need to lick our wounds, dump beltra, jones,drew and carpenter. most of all throw in girardi and cashman. in fact sell the team to owners that want to win again

Unknown said...

Ron, in a word, you're nuts. Girardi has done a great, truly amazing job with this team the past couple of years when they've been besieged by injuries left and right. Cashman has made many a great move (not all, but many), and the Steinbrenners don't want to win? That's just dumb. That said, Beltran has been very disappointing, and I wince every time Drew (and Didi, for that matter) come to the plate.

Unknown said...
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