LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Sweep Immature Division Rival Red Sox

Monday, May 4, 2015

Yankees Sweep Immature Division Rival Red Sox

Know what, Boston Red Sox? Nobody's in the mood. Not the New York Yankees and not their fans. Things are rolling along nicely. The Yankees have won five series in a row and were 8-2 heading into Sunday night’s game. You, on the other hand, were 3-7 and clinging to .500. That last bit, however, is not the Yankees fault. That’s all you.

You’re struggling so I get that you are a little emotional. Your division rivals came into your ballpark and swept you. You’re frustrated and, maybe, a tad bit humiliated. After all, the final game came on a night when James Taylor debuted a song testifying to your past glory and you couldn’t deliver even one win for old times sake. Not one. I get it. It’s embarrassing. That’s fine. You were outhit, outpitched and, generally, outplayed over a three game series by a division rival. Over the course of a long season, it happens to every team.

After plunking Jacoby Ellsbury, however, it’s clear you were also outclassed. There was no reason to hit him, or anyone else on the Yankees for that matter. That pitch from Adam Warren that hit Hanley Ramirez? You know who thought that was intentional? Hanley Ramirez. That’s it. But, apparently, when your best player (for the moment) gets himself all worked up and points into the dugout, the rest of the team better get worked up as well, even if it’s over absolutely nothing, because otherwise…well, otherwise what exactly? He’ll sulk and stop hitting? No, not Hanley Ramirez! He wouldn’t quit on his team would he?

Ah, why take the chance, you think? Instead, just plunk a player who had absolutely nothing to do with the imaginary feud in Hanley’s head. And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the player you chose, Ellsbury, is a former player for the Red Sox who went 7-13 against you in the weekend series. Where’s the harm in hitting him right? Fine. The Yankees still did what they had to do. They won the game, they swept the series and they maintained their division lead.

Nobody wants a beanball war. Those can only end poorly, and I’m thankful the Yankees are more mature than their “brethren” up north, and hopeful that nobody gets hurt in such messes, certainly not a Yankees player.

But don’t think the Yankees won’t be a little more amped up the next time they see you guys.  And trust that the fans won’t forget it either.

Your behavior on Sunday was despicable, inexcusable, childish and downright reprehensible. All because one player pointed into a dugout.  I wouldn't have believed it, not even of a Boston team, had I not seen it, but I did.  Everyone did.  And it was embarrassing.  For you.

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