LADY AT THE BAT: Affordable Tickets For Bryce Harper's First Game at Yankee Stadium

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Affordable Tickets For Bryce Harper's First Game at Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees brace for some real power on June 9, when Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals enter Yankee Stadium for a two-day series. Harper makes his first career appearance at Yankee Stadium in this mammoth-sized Interleague battle of first-place-contending clubs. The Yanks have built some ground between them and the competition in the AL East recently and could use this series to move even further ahead. The same goes for the Nats, who are in a neck-and-neck race with the New York Mets in the NL East.
Harper’s debut at Yankee Stadium is one good reason for fans to take this game in live, as the leading NL MVP candidate brings his elite talents, both at the plate and on defense, into this affair. He’s not alone, though, as the Nats have piled on 233 runs so far this season. New York won’t be intimidated, however, as they’re even better offensively (243 runs) and pack major power via Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury.
The offensive potential makes this short series a must-watch, especially since these two sides don’t meet up all that often. All of that combines to lend major value to New York Yankees tickets, while Yankees and Nationals tickets don’t even top out over $91 on average in either game. Let’s break down both games to get a better idea of the value at hand:
6/9/2015 New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals | Avg on secondary market: $90.07 | Get-in: $27.80
Fans have to understand how truly rare this series is. Before meeting up in D.C. for two games earlier this year (both Nats wins), these two teams hadn’t faced off since 2012. That’s two full years the Yankees and Nationals didn’t battle in the regular season, which makes it easy to understand why Bryce Harper’s superstardom hasn’t yet graced Yankee Stadium. He’s finally here, though, and could be caught up in the midst of an explosive battle.
Both of these teams have solid pitching to fall back on, but their offenses could easily prove to be the difference. Whether or not fans get a high-scoring affair isn’t important, though, as these two teams are both very solid and should keep things close throughout. As if the value here wasn’t good enough, it’s also Cap Night. Everything adds up in making game one a major steal, while anyone can get in for just $27.80 directly from the team.
6/10/2015 New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals | Avg on secondary market: $71.44 | Get-in: $15.20
Game two is an even better value, as these teams will now have three games behind them, and thus, more familiarity with one another. The first two games were both extremely close (6-8, 3-2), too, so fans are probably in for an intense series, one way or another. This game is a MasterCard half-priced game on, meaning tickets in certain seating areas start at $11 plus fees (total of $15.20).
The best part isn’t even the matchup at this point, though, as Yankees tickets are barely over $71 on average, which means fans can get really solid seats for a good price. Considering this rare, awesome matchup, it’s crazy to think tickets for this game are over $100 cheaper than New York’s season average. That’s beyond a bargain for Yanks fans to watch live as New York tries to even this season series at 2-2. And who knows? This could ultimately be a World Series preview, with these two likely playoff clubs on similar paths.

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