LADY AT THE BAT: Loss Of Warren Weakens A Yankees Rotation Already Weakend By Sabathia

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Loss Of Warren Weakens A Yankees Rotation Already Weakend By Sabathia

Before each Yankee series begins, I post the pitching match-ups on the blog's Facebook page. I posted them yesterday evening with the comment, "Definitely not liking the fact that CC Sabathia pitches the opener." Sabathia did nothing to take away my fears, as he pitched poorly again, leading to the Yankees 4-1 loss to the Angels.

Then I wake up this morning to even more bad news: According to a report, Adam Warren is headed back to the bullpen. If Sabathia already weakens the rotation, the absence of Warren weakens it even more.

Granted, Warren has already pitched more innings than he pitched last year, so the move to the pen was inevitable. However, had that not been an issue, the pitcher to remove from the rotation should have been Sabathia. No matter how much money he's making, no matter how much seniority he has, no matter how much of a leader he is, he doesn't belong in the Yankees rotation.

Speaking of being a leader, I would like to think that Sabathia volunteered to go to the bullpen in the best interests of the team. Or, that Girardi would have put his foot down for the same reasons. Of course, we'll never know.

Get your act together, big fella.

Brett The Jet
Congratulations to Brett Gardner on winning his third career AL Player of The Week Award. Gardner is essential to the Yankee lineup, as is Jacoby Ellsbury, who is set to begin a rehab assignment this week. Having that one-two punch at the top again will go a long way toward strengthening an already pretty strong lineup.

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