LADY AT THE BAT: Forget SI Article, Yankees' GM Brian Cashman Looks Great Right Now

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forget SI Article, Yankees' GM Brian Cashman Looks Great Right Now

Did Brian Cashman really tell Derek Jeter that he'd rather have Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop for the New York Yankees? Did he really enjoy being one of the few to "tell the Captain no" in the midst of Jeter's "diva-like tendencies?" If you are to believe an article in this week's Sports Illustrated, the answer to these questions is yes.

The Tulowitzki comments were supposedly made during the 2010 contract negotiations. If, in fact, that's when they were made, I have absolutely no problem with them. A lot of things are said in the heat of the moment during big-time negotiations. As for saying no to Jeter's "diva-like tendencies," Cashman looks a bit small, but it's not like he's committing a crime. 

So, as for this SI article, so what? I'd rather focus on other things Cashman has done. More recently. 

Going back to last off-season, he acquired Didi Gregorius and Nathan Eovaldi.  Several weeks ago the trade deadline passed without him making a significant deal, keeping top prospects Luis Severino, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge.

Cashman looked really bad early in the season when Didi looked like a little league player and Eovaldi looked like his 2014 self. He looked even worse after the trade deadline when the Blue Jays, having traded away their prospects, swept the Yankees in the midst of an 11-game winning streak.

Now, however, Cashman can sit back and ask everyone, "How ya like me now?" Especially after what Greg Bird did yesterday.  Twin 2-run homers! Off Twins starter Ervin Santana (who called Yankee Stadium a joke. No Ervin, you're the joke).

Better not call Cashman a joke. He's made his mistakes during his tenure with the Yankees but, lately, he's been money.

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