LADY AT THE BAT: Severino Gives Fans Delicious Taste Of Next Era For Yankees

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Severino Gives Fans Delicious Taste Of Next Era For Yankees

For the Yankees, a 2-1 loss to a longtime rival, coupled with actual division rivals picking up ground on them, could have been enough to send their fans into a funk. Instead, things don't feel so bad today, thanks to Luis Severino, the kid whose debut everyone has been waiting for.

5 IP, 2H (1HR), 2R (1ER), 0BB, 7K, 94 pitches (59 for strikes)

A very promising start to what is expected to be a stellar baseball career. 

It doesn't end with the numbers, either. On the mound this kid is mature, calm and professional, a real presence on the field. Oh, and he can field his position, too.

Severino is only 21 years old. (He won't be 22 until February.)  Barring injuries he will play a big role in the next era for the New York Yankees. That era will likely include contributions from people like Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and Rob Refsnyder, and if he doesn't get traded beforehand, Jorge Mateo will be in the fold as well. 

The next era. That's what the Yankees are all about right now. The gutting-the-farm-system, win-now days are over. Of course, that's not to say that the Yankees aren't trying to win now. They are, just not at the expense of their top prospects. 

The way to look at this season is to see it as a battle. Include the new era in it and it becomes a war. It might hurt a lot, but in the long wrong it's better to lose the battle, but win the war.

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