LADY AT THE BAT: Thoughts On The Problems With The Yankees Offense

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thoughts On The Problems With The Yankees Offense

The last seven games for the New York Yankees felt a lot like the last two seasons for the New York Yankees. Especially the 2014 season, when their offense was consistently non-existent. Surely this sounds familiar:

  • A lineup that keeps failing to get hits with RISP.
  • An injured Mark Teixeira taking too long to heal. (I guess that no-fun diet can't do everything.)
  • Alex Rodriguez playing as if he were home, sitting out his 162-game suspension.
  • Stephen Drew being, well, Stephen Drew.

Right now, in addition to the points above, Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury are also beat up. All these issues make it hard not to see why the Yankee offense has been missing.

In 2014 the Yankees were unable to overcome their issues. However, after stumbling out of the gates this season, they appeared to have conquered most of them and, last month, it looked as if the remainder of the season would be a piece of cake. 

Now, they're stumbling again. Can they overcome again?  That's the big question.

Gardner and Ellsbury should benefit from today's off-day. A-Rod will get a rest today and throughout the weekend series in Atlanta. Teixeira? The Yankees may have mis-handled his injury.

When I saw him hobbling down the first base line in the middle game of the Astros series, I just shook my head. He should have been DL'd. Now, if he is DL'd, the Yankees won't be able to do it retroactive to the date he hurt the shin, thanks to having played in the Astros series. 

So things seem to hinge on Mark Teixeira. If he doesn't come back very soon, the Yankees might have no one to blame but themselves. If he does come back soon, it should be the final piece of the puzzle that will show a once again potent lineup.

Here's wishing everyone in the Yankees lineup a restful, stress-free off-day.


Unknown said...

i blame some of the failure s of our offense on our hitting is impossible for every player to have their batting ave. nose diving. another thing our trainer.ever since our great trainer retired we have had more strains and breakers and pulls and players taking more time than the est. healing time is always more at the end the buck stops with girardi. also he makes more mistakes during the game than any mgr. should make.he never shuffles his line up according to who is hot or to is not.he does not have a bench or good pinch hitter. because of drew and young mostly. just like with c. c. joe falls in love with certain players and is too hard headed to see it is hurting the team. it is too late now.we should have had bird and judge and refsnyder along time ago. warren should have been a started and c c gone. i used to like c c but now he has no pride just hanging around to suck out every dollar he could .he does not care for the yankees,so why should we care about him.

Deacon Tony said...

I blame all of the failure on Girardi, the man sits down players who are hot or moves them in the lineup because he is in love with that lefty hitters can only hit right handed pitchers and visa versa. Get Willie Randoulph to manage this team and they will be World Champs again.