LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' Severino Starts It Up Tonight

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yankees' Severino Starts It Up Tonight

We are seeing the future of the Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry this week.

Last night Henry Owens dominated a potent New York lineup for five innings before finally wilting in the sixth. Tonight, 21-year-old Luis Severino makes his Major League debut for the New York Yankees.

The two just missed going head-to-head.  I asked Jed Weisberger of Pinstriped Prospects if they had faced each other in the minors.  "They did not," he said. "Owens was always ahead of [Severino]."

So Severino begins his Major League career tonight. I'll be surprised if the Stadium is not packed. Yankees Universe has been waiting for him for years, and judging from the fact that GM Brian Cashman refused to deal him at the trade deadline last week, they'll be expecting an awful lot from him.

Is that fair? Not at all. This is a kid we're talking about. He has to be forgiven for making a mess of things if, in fact, he does make a mess tonight.

Will he be forgiven? Come one, you know the answer to that question.  You know you'll see at least a few posts on your social media timelines declaring Severino a bust:

"This guy sucks!"

"What was Cashman thinking?"

"Shoulda got Price!"

I'm saying it right now: It's just ONE START. Calm down, people.

Hopefully, however, I won't have to say that at all. Good luck, kid. Yankees Universe will be pulling for you tonight.

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